Friday, May 25, 2007

Footprints of a Friend

Now I glance back,
And I take one last look
Tears of sadness and regret
Fall down on my cheeks

Deep down I'm hollow and twisted
Standing on my feet, alive but dead
Every day is a struggle,
And every breath is a fight for survival

I'm left alone in the past
Trapped inside my body
I want to cry,
And shout why?

Why did I have to leave?
Why did you have to go?
Is happiness a dream we can touch,
Or sometimes just can't see?

Friday, May 11, 2007


I know it's been a while since I last posted here.. But I've been sort'f lazy to update my blog. Anyway, I just finished writing a poem and so I thought that I'd share it *since I have no other subject to talk about*.


As I put myself to settle,
I remember my precious loss,
I try to sleep but there is sorrow,
I wake up to see myself grieving.

Sorrow is a feeling I wish was fake,
It makes me lose my mind,
And become hurtful
It is a feeling that makes everyone feel like life is unfair

I know that I'll feel sorrow tomorrow,
Just like I'm feeling now
I hold myself while I cry
Knowing that it won't be any good

I'll be sorrow the next day,
As thoughts haunt my head,
That one thought will exist for a while
Since there is no remedy for Sorrow

Copyright Miss Unique 2007