Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burning with Rage

I am an empty shell, I have no emotions and I have no feelings. I am an empty shell, my heart is weak and my life is falling apart. I walk out of the door and I slam the door shut. I am dressed in rage, I smell hell, I see hell, I am burning with rage.

Like grinding flesh from human bone, I am sick of trying to tolerate your crap. I am sick of how you treat me, and how you treat everyone else. I am sick of always giving, and recieving nothing in return.

Like a puzzle within a puzzle, I want to break free from the place I'm in. I cannot hide my anger any longer. I am fed up from wearing that smile. Everything is wrong because nothing is right.

Stop pushing me around and cut me some slack. I am not here for your joy, and I am no longer your toy. I have my own life, I need someone to see me through because the world does not revolve around you.