Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dawn of a New Era

We are in the last year of 2008. In fact, we are only 12 days away from 2009! I don't know about you guys but this year has flawn by so fast. It had a lot of ups and downs, tears and regrets.. Above all, it has brought along many successes too.

In the year 2008, I have experienced things that I have never experienced in my life before. For example, I've graduated from high school, started college, met new people that are now a big part of my life. I have also started my driving lessons. Basically, I have started a whole new chapter in my life in the year 2008. And I'm certainly looking forward for 2009.

My new year's resolutions are:

- Work hard to achieve a better GPA
- Be a better muslim
- Grow my nails
- Lose weight
- Get my driving licence