Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stronger Than Ever

"It's alright to let yourself go, as long as you get yourself back" -Mick Jagger

I strongly agree with the above quote. In fact, sometimes the only way to get yourself back is to let yourself go. Let me elaborate what I mean.

I had the hardest battle between my heart and mind. A battle of making a life changing decision. I couldn't let myself move out of something I thought was amazing. Now, after I realized that it was merely an illusion, I am completely and utterly satisfied with my decision.

I went through a tough time getting my life back on track. Overeating, no work outs, missing salon appointments, decrease in social interactions were some of the things that I hardly focused on. I let myself cry, grieve, regret.. Basically, I hit rock bottom for a day.

Things started looking bright the day after, I completely got over it because I allowed myself to express my feelings in every possible way. Now I'm back and stronger than ever and I have big news coming up soon that I can't wait to share!