Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It’s over.

Something had gone wrong, with the life I planned. You blinded my eyes and hoodwinked my mind. You made me believe that you were all that, that you were right and everyone wasn’t. You deceived me and you made me believe that you were the one. You hid the truth, so that I couldn’t see.

I have put up with that for quite a while. I tried to care, love, appreciate and value. I overlooked numerous things that hurt me about you. I looked past that rough surface, hoping that the light would be there.

I am through all of this; I no longer care about you. You are a walking pack of lies and I will not bother about your insanity and insecurities. You slammed the door and pushed me away from you, you are the one to blame. You wrought a horrible scar in my heart and soul. You have engraved your poison in me.

Let me go, it’s over now.