Saturday, January 20, 2007

In the memory of Steve Irwin

As you know, Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter was killed by a stingray barb last year.. I wrote a poem for him and I'd like to share it with whoever will read it later.

Farewell Steve Irwin

With sorrow, I depart
Every time I think about it, I fall apart
Nothing can un reveal those hidden impressions
Feelings are more than just sorrow

I'm sad, disheartened and depressed
Grief fills my soul
I have visited Australia Zoo
To see how far you've achieved

The most enthusiastic person you were
The most amazing crocodile hunter I've ever known
You were brave like no one else
You were one of a kind

I am caught in the middle
This feeling is just like a riddle
It is buried deep beneath a murky layer
So close, yet so far away

Nothing is left but the traces of what you left behind
You made hunting crocodiles look easy
When it wasn't even simple
You've helped many orphaned animals

When something went wrong
And it didn't seem right
"Crikey" you would say
Out of all animals, a stingray got you

Now, that you're gone
Everything appears different
You are a true legend
Farewell Steve Irwin.

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