Friday, July 13, 2007

The Night Glory

The Night Glory

The silver gleam of stars,
The turquoise reflection on the sea,
As I stroll along the beach
Under a dark blue sky

The vibrant breeze,
Awakens my soul,
With its bewitching, enchanting song
Whistling out its addictive tune,

The peace and quiet of the night
Makes me feel calm and tranquil
It's a sacred, special time
Where people are put to settle

The glory of the night
Is wrapping around me
So graceful, with beauty
And sparkling clean

If only it could last forever,
And there was nothing waiting to sever,
But life must continue,
So I save my precious minutes of nighttime, while the sun rises fast.


Um Mohammed said...

Amazing! U r really Unique little sis :)

Um Mohammed.

Miss_Unique said...

Thaanks sis =D

Lk said...

gorgeous! its a really nice poem

Miss_Unique said...

Thank you Lk :)
Glad you liked it =D